"Meditate. Because some things can't be Googled." 

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I love this quote. It basically says it all. In today's day and age, information is abundant, however, true wisdom is scarce. 
We believe the thoughts in our head is who we are, identifying with them as truth and even worse, what we see in the news, the magazines and the media taints those thoughts, so these voices in our minds become, well, us.. or so we think. 
One morning, after my daily one hour and thirty minute Vipassana meditation practice, my alarm disrupted my zen state to remind me to begin my "metta" practice also known as the practice of acknowledging all beings that can feel, can feel good or bad energy. I remembered feeling lightheaded, as if I just gotten off a rollercoaster. I could only interpret this as connecting with my soul intensely, being completely in tune with my body. To finally get to that stage of my practice took a lot of work and commitment, which was well worth it.
I would NEVER trade my meditation for a Maserati. ( disclosure: something I desire on occasion due to living in LA). We possess a priceless power, within ourselves, an initiated gift of consciousness, completely incomparable to anything of this world. It is of our essence, our truth, our inner voice which already understands all. When we are connected to this, this is mediation. 
“Through prayer we speak to God. In meditation, God speaks to us." - Edgar Cayce
There is so much noise in the world, we end up with interconnectedness in everything, missing the messages meant for us to hear. If we start to do things consciously, with an intention to expand mentally and spiritually, we may be able to do more in meditation, and vise versa.
Meditation can be in the moment, a simple observance of the breath and body while you are in a business meeting or it can be hours of demanding mental and sometimes physical work in pitch darkness. The most important thing is the intention and to remind ourselves, the possibility that awaits us. 
The possibility to see life and ourselves, in an ever advancing way. It is also humbling to think because awareness through meditation doesn't happen under our control. It takes discipline and we just have to be open to listen to it energy that is trying to connect to us. As we cultivate this discipline of meditation, our essence will be more and more at the surface of our lives. The best way to change the world is to change ourselves and to look within through the practice of “metta” could be the key to do just that. 

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